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Smoke Exhaust Unit

Smoke Exhaust Unit


Backward inclined blowers are specially recommended for kitchen / smoke application. The design of the blower doesn't permit the smoke/soot to accumulate on the blower blades resulting in long and maintenance free operations for years to come.

  • The motor and drive arrangment are always outside the airflow.
  • Due to its non-overloading characterstics of backword curved blowers, the motor will always be higher than be shaft power irrespective of static power or fan spped.
  • The power consumption is always less for any given duty Point.
  • These are fan self cleaning in nature and have fewer blades.
  • The outlet discharge is flexibly configurable.
  • The Discharge can be attained from any side i.e. left /top through interchanging the panel with each other.
  • Hotel Kitchen
  • Chemical Industries
  • Fume Industries
  • Pharmaceuiticals
  • Educational Institute
  • Hospitality
  • Malls
  • Cafeteria
  • Size:- 355 mm to 1120 mm
  • Capacity:- Upto 30000 CFM
  • Static Pressure:- Upto 65 mmwg
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