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Jet Fans

Jet Fans


Jet fans-also known as impulse or induction fans-support the natural flow between the supply air and extract air zones. They provide motion in regions with low air speeds, thus guaranteeing the daily ventilation requirement for all areas. Since jet fans are only installed at particular points, they take up less than 0.5% of the ceiling area. This leaves room for other technical installations and the visibility across the parking decks is improved. Often it is even possible to reduce the storey heights. This saves time and money. For the system to be able to reach its full potential and react reliably in an emergency depends on precise planning and a perfectly-controlled interaction of all the components. This is why, if you wish, FanAir will support you right from the design phase and can offer you jet ventilation as acomplete package. This means you only have a single contact and can be sure that everything functions smoothly. You only need to install it,switch it on and you're done.


The Green Ventilation jet fan system from FanAirOur experts and developers have invested more time so that you get much less energy consumption, lower operation costs, less expense for planning, realization and commissioning.

The combination of modern fans, tailored components and & demand control resulting in a system fully attuned to your requirements, which is unrivalled its efficiency i.e. 80% energy savings.

  • Conception of the entire system including the CFD system.
  • Detailed ventilation system.
  • Creation of cable lists and compilation of all components.
  • Delivery of components to the building site.
  • Commissioning.
  • Accompanying the independent inspection with hot smoke tests.


No matter what the design of your underground car park or multi-storey car park looks like - together with you, our experienced experts will develop a solution tailored to your project, consisting of supply air, extract air and jet fans, monitoring sensors, a superordinate control system and accessories as required. This takes into account any available supply air inlets, such as entry ramps or other openings. Of course, our planning is based on the legal requirements; not forgetting the different approaches taken in the German car park regulations (GAVO) for individual federal states.

In case of Emergency

Jet fan systems from FanAir are active systems which, in an emergency, react according to a pre-saved switching matrix, thus offering people and buildings the greatest possible protection. To start with, protection targets are agreed for each project. If there is an emergency, the project - specific switching matrix ensures that the legal basic requirements and the predetermined protection targets are adhered to These are for example maximum CO and smoke gas concentrations, required visibilities for self-rescue and preparation for fire fighting by the fire services. In case of fire, the aerodynamic forces of the jet fans (depending on the corresponding safety regulations) can build virtual smoke sections, if a structural separation of the smoke sections is not possible due to circumstances. Naturally always from the perspective of the highest efficiency and energy saving, without losing track of the investment costs.

  • Perfect for renovation because of high flexibility.
  • Aesthectically appealing because of modern design.
  • Saves time as less planning is needed.
  • Easy to install Just install, switch on and you're done.
  • Good air quality: Lower concentration of hazardous substances than foe conventional system.

Fan Housing-Depending on the application, the AXC fan housing is available in the following versions:

  • Hot Dip Galavanised (standard).
  • Pre Galvanised (Ventilation Control System).
  • Stainless steel (Corrosive atmosphere).

All housings have rolled flanges for airtight duct connection.
The fan sizes up to 1,600 mm are equipped with an inspection opening for checking the direction of rotation.

Fan Motor- IEC standard motors according to EN60034-5; standard, highly-efficient motors complying with the ErP Directive 327/2011. Insulation class For H, depending on the application, 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-pole, one-or two-stage. In the standard, the standard motor is suitable for inverter speed control for motor frame sizes up to 225 Motors for applications at ambient temperatures are equipped with PTC thermistors as standard for motor protection.

Fan Impeller- Unidirectional or fully reversible blades made from die-cast aluminium (LM13 or ADC12 depending on size and application). All reversible impellers are x-rayed.Dynamically-balanced for vibration-free running. Adjustable impeller positioning angle for maximum efficiency at a standstill.

Connection Box- The standard connection box is assembled on the outside of the fan housing for quick and easy connection. Insulation class IP 65. Die-cast aluminium, powder-coated steel or stainless steel, depending on the application.

Motor Bearing- L10 motor bearing life over 40,000 hours for standard temperature motors and bearings with permanent lubrication. The bearing service life varies depending on its field of application.


Size:- 315mm, 355mm & 400mm diameter
Capacity:- upto 11000CMH

Dual Fan Speed
Smoke exhaust/Heat Ventilation Suitable for basement car parking

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