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Forward Curved Fan - SISW


FAFCS Series is a Single Inlet Single Width (SISW) centrifugal fan with forward curved wheel. These fans are suitable for Supply & exhaust application in commercial & industrial (HVAC) systems. Maximum operating speed and power of each fan type is due to its mechanical design.The operating limit of different fan types of FAFC series is set according to the requirement of Class I, II & III limit as defined in AMCA Standard 99-16.



The wheel of FAFCS series is made of galvanized sheet of steel forward curved blades. To obtain maximum efficiency & low noise level, these wheel are specifically profiled. A die cast aluminum hub a precisely machined bore key is fitted to the wheel plates.The wheel is statistically & dynamically balanced.


The housing is manufactured in galvanized sheet steel with the housing fixed to the side plates by using pittsburg lock for sizes.


For the "L" leg is made of GI sheet which is manufactured by processing of punching and bending in the way that ensures correct dimensions and also maximum rigidity in its class. For type "F" frames are of GI sheet angle at which GI sheet is sheared, bent and spot welded to form a rigid frame to provide strength and stability to the fan.


Shafts are manufactured from EN8 carbon with key ways at both ends and at the center for hub wheel. All the dimension tolerance of the shaft are fully checked to ensure a precision fit. All the shafts are coated with anti-corrosion varnish after assembly.


All the bearings used are deep groove wall ball bearings type sealed at both side. The bearings are self-aligning with an eccentric collar for clamping onto the shaft and each bearing shaft and each bearing sits in the side of moulded rubber housing. All the bearings are lubricated for life maintenance free under a normal operating conditions.

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