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Cabinet Inline Fan

Cabinet Inline Fan

Direct Drive Cabinet Inline Fan


Inline Fans are the best option for small ventilation areas, who wants to locate the fan at area where they need exhausting. Inline Fans are preferable with the ductwork to circulate the air from inside to outside for ventilation of small industries and home. The Inline Fans are also known as remote-mounted fan.

  • Inline Fans are useful for application that include:
  • Ventilation of wet spaces such as bathroom, kitchen and laundaries.
  • Remote fans for kitchen range hoods.
  • Duct Boosters for ventilations systems and clothes dryers.
  • Supply or exhaust fans for continuous whole house ventilation.
  • Radon mitigation systems.
  • Inline Fans comes in diffrent sizes and capabilites according to the ventilation area. They are as simple as single port version or versatile multi port versio.
  • - Single - port unit have one incoming i.e., supply duct and one outgoing i.e., exhaust duct.
  • - Multi - port version have multiple ducts with a minimum of one inlet and one exhaust.
  • A single fan can then can mange air movement to or from multiple locations. By varying duct sizes, inserting "Y" fitting to branch duct runs, employing adjustable grille openings and varying the fan speeds, diffrent ventilations rates are possible for each location connected. Multi port versions offer ventilation capacity appropriate for larger - scale single family, multifamily and commercial buildings.

  • Specifications
  • Size:- 7"x7" to 12"x12"
  • Capacity:- Upto 4000 CFM
  • Static Pressure:- Upto 30 mmwg
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