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Air Curtain

Air Curtain


An air curtain is a fan-powered device that creates an invisible air barrier over the doorway to separate efficiently two different environments, without limiting the access of the people or vehicles. The energy saving air screen reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 80% while protecting the internal climate and increasing people comfort.

It keeps the atmosphere clean from pest and insects, dust, airborne, pollution, smells, odours and stops draughts and cold or hot air entrance.

The functioning of an air curtain is based on a high velocity jet of air that covers all openings. Heated air curtains creates comfort by the jet of air on people as they cross the air screen and helps to maintain the temperature on the entrance.

  • + Anodized aluminium outlet vanes, airfoil shaped
  • + Compact axial fans, low noise level
  • + "E" type with electrical shielded element. "A" type without heating, air only
  • + Integrated switch for ventilation and heating control
  • + Cable connection 1,5m length, integrated
  • + Wall support included
  • + Maintains
    • o Heating Levels
    • o Refrigeration
    • o Air-Conditioning
    • o Clean & comfortable environment
  • + Protection From
    • o to Cold winter Temperature
    • o Hot summer Temperature
    • o Car Fumes
    • o Dust in the air
    • o Pollution o Insects
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