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Dry/Wet Scrubbers

Scrubbers Manufacturers in India

Dry/Wet Scrubbers

Our Scrubbers offer robust pollutant removal solutions for industrial and commercial settings. Dry Scrubbers utilize absorbent materials or chemical reactions to cleanse exhaust gases without water, ideal for emission control in industrial processes. Wet Scrubbers employ liquid solutions for pollutant neutralization, ensuring air quality compliance in diverse applications.

Dry/Wet Scrubbers Manufacturers in India

Fanair India Pvt. Ltd. leads the industry as the premier Scrubbers Manufacturers in India. Our Scrubbers in India are meticulously engineered with advanced technology to effectively remove pollutants from exhaust gases. With a focus on innovation and quality, we ensure optimal performance and compliance with environmental regulations. As Scrubbers Manufacturers in India, we continually strive to exceed expectations, meeting the evolving needs of Our Projects. Trust Fanair India Pvt. Ltd. for high-quality Scrubbers in India that enhance sustainability in industrial and commercial sectors.

Dry/Wet Scrubbers Suppliers in India

Fanair India Pvt. Ltd. emerges as the leading Scrubbers Suppliers in India. Our comprehensive range of Scrubbers includes various types and configurations to suit different industrial applications. As trusted Scrubbers Suppliers in India, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering reliable Scrubbers that meet stringent quality standards. With our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility, we ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of our Scrubbers in industrial processes. Choose Fanair India Pvt. Ltd. as your preferred Scrubbers Suppliers in India for top-quality Scrubbers in India .

Dry Scrubber Manufacturers in India

Dry Scrubber

A Dry scrubber is designed to extract harmful gases and particulates from exhaust streams. It is a type of pollution control equipment. Dry scrubber are primarily used to abate acidic gases, like those associated with acid rain. This is one of the most common pieces of equipment found in manufacturing plants, because of its ability to handle high temperature, highly acidic exhaust streams.

Model no.
Upto 12000 CFM (Single Unit)
Max Capacity
Upto 60000 CFM (Multi Unit)
Ashalt Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Landfills And Biogas, Coaters, Textile Processing, Tar Removal, Curing Ovens, Vinyl Manufacturing, Oil And Gas, Acid Mist Control, Fertilizer Manufacturing, Wastewater Treatment, Steel Processing, Electronics, Food Processing, Cocoa Processing
Wet Scrubber Manufacturers in India

Wet Scrubber

As the name suggest kitchen scrubber is used to scrub fumes from the cooking process. It draws the fumes from the kitchen through the hoods. These fumes will be scrubbed by high water jets due to which all the contaminants such as oil, grease etc. are trapped and clean air will be sted to the environment Fanair wet scrubber is highly efficient, very low pressure drop and hence maximum scrubbing efficiency.

Extruded Aluminium Profile
Heavy Gauge Based Fame With Cast Al Corners
23+2 Mm Thick, Double Skin Panels Made Of 0.6 Mm Sheets With Poly Urethane Foam (PUF Of Density 38+2 Kg/ Cu. M) Injected Between Two Skins Or Single Skin In 1.6/1.8 Mm Gl Sheet.
Wet Section
Double Bank Gl Spray Header With Brass/PVC Spray Nozzles.
DIDW Centrifugal Blowers, Common Rail Base For Blower Motor Assembly On Vibration Isolator Pads
TEFC Type, Three Phase Motor Of Standard Make.
Motor Stand
Adjustable Motor Mounting Fixture.
Adjustable Taper Bush Pulleys
Monoblock Pumps Of Standard Make.
SS 304/ Gl With FRP Tank With Socket Connections For Water In Overflow And Drain Complete With Y Strainer, Ball Cock Etc.
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